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About Us 

Brockington Property Management Group is your all inclusive, full service go-to for your property management needs. Our belief is, “Why search all over for what should be a simplified, seamless process”. We lead the way in offering individualized services customized for the needs of every client. From preventative maintenance to rent collection, we wear many hats proudly. In doing so, we hope to shift your focus on the fulfillment that should come with owning and leasing.

Our company:

  •  Provides property oversight by way of rent collection, notice solicitation, handle disputes, and more

  • Serves as the liaison between owner and tenant

  • Provides janitorial services that maintain the appearance, cleanliness and integrity of properties  Schedules and coordinates preventative maintenance and pest control services that reduces the likelihood of long-term interior problems

  • Offers moving services such as U-Haul rentals, to alleviate the search for affordable moving assistance

  • Delivers customer service and trust that is worth raving about! To see our expanded list of services, visit the What We Do tab at the top!

Mission Statement

At Brockington Property Management, our mission is to provide quality comprehensive services catered to the needs of clients, while diminishing the unease and perplexities that accompany property management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase access to streamlined property management resources, while boosting the number of empowered and assured investors and owners. 

Our Promise

We promise to deliver transparent communication, reliable support, esteem backed by expert knowledge and a transformational experience worth raving about!

Core Values
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